Real Time Bidding For Airlines

Our cloud software adds a new sales channel to your site and distribution network: It identifies distressed inventory and offers it for sale in real time auctions.

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BidFlyer at a glance

Digital Sales Magic

Your new auctions appear along side your standard sales, with your own design and brand language.

Inventory Intelligence

Our software identifies the hardest seats for sale, focus on them and tackle your risks efficiently.

Automatic Optimization

Our patent-pending algorithms analyze data in real time, optimize your auctions and maximize revenue.

Simple. Powerful.

BidFlyer is a true enterprise software, offering a robust, scalable and secure way to increase sales.

How it Works


Setup Goals

Our unique bidding software lets you set up goals according to your risk management policies and pricing strategy.

Increase Sales

BidFlyer will automatically convert your goals into live auctions which appear on your site and mobile app, boosting your revenues.


Get a clear ROI overview and let our recommendation engine offer improvements, or re-adjust your goals.

BIDFlyer features

Enjoy The Benefits Of A Real Time Bidding Platform

  • Boost Sales: Increase your sales with a new, real time channel which optimizes your pricing.
  • Tackle Risks: Identify your distressed seats, and automatically offer them in an auction.
  • Find More Visitors: Get more site visitors by offering them exclusive bidding opportunities.
  • Start Simple: Customize your sales goals and let our algorithms achieve them automatically.
  • Powerful Analytics: Get a clear view of your ROI improvement any time.
  • Get Social: generate new leads through our seamlessly integrated social features.